Jehovah's Witnesses have always been at the forefront of technology. They were first to use motion pictures with sound. They used phonographs in the early 1900's in their door to door ministry. They used Radio to spread the truth through stations such as WBBR. They developed a translation system called MEPS that they use to translate literature in hundreds of languages.

Today, Jehovah's Organization is hard at work and still taking full advantage of modern technology. In recent years their websites have been redesigned and merged into one beautifully organized site at www.jw.org. Most of their publications such as the Watchtower & Awake magazines, books, tracts, brochures, audio recordings, videos, and even the 2013 Revised Edition of the New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures are made available to anyone that wants to take life's water free.

Since all these publications are now online and available in digital format it becomes possible to use these publications on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. But with such devices comes the added burden of learning how they work and using them to their fullest extent. Because of this need Meekspace.com was launched in 2007. The primary purpose of Meekspace.com was to assist friends from around the world to learn how to use their devices for theocratic purposes. Over the years Meekspace.com has seen many changes. We now provide a number of sites and services to support personal study, meeting preporation, and the door to door ministry. We have a community website at www.meekspace.org where friends can provide support to others, ask questions, or watch tutorial videos on how to use their mobile devices with theocratic publications. We have a community video site where friends can post their self made tutorial, educational, and review videos for others to view and learn all without the worry of outside worldly influences.

We hope you will take the time to explore the website and find something that you can use to help you praise Jehovah God and teach the truth to all those that would listen.